Township- Impressive detail about Play with Friends


Everyone likes to play the game but some person like an action game and some like simulation game. As per every person have different choices. So today I tell you the best casual game Township. It is count in the world best games. The game you can play with friends but some information you don’t know about the game. So now I tell you the best information related to friends. But firstly I will tell you the benefits of play with friends. You can make the better relation with friends and also play with new friends.

1.       How to add friends-

If you are a beginner and not know how to add more friends, then follow these all steps. First tap on the friends at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Then there are Invite Friends option available tap on it. After that, you get the unique invitation code. Share the code with your friends via social sites. From this type, you can invite your friends. If your friend wants to add with you, then tap on the unique code. After that fill up the unique code and add with the friend.

2.       How to send gifts-

In a day you can send gifts to only five friends. The one term is that send only one award per friend. To send the gift your friends open the friend list in it. Choose a friend you want to send a gift and tap on the send button under their picture. The limits of the send gift are 5 to each friend. It means you able to one gift for one friend in one day. Your friends also send you gifts. At the time your friends send you gift than a hot balloon show. For collecting, the gifts tap on the hot balloon. You also see the sender name in the balloon icon. You receive rewards as the coins, gems and many other things.

3.       How to delete a friend?

Sometimes you do not play with your one friend. The company gives one feature to remove the friend from the list. For removing it then go to the find friend list and search the friend profile. After that, an “X” mark is available on the picture on the upper left- corner. Tap on the button to remove it.