3 Unavoidable currencies of Homescapes

Playing games is good for removing stress and tensions. The gaming market is full of various games, and they all are easy to play, and one of the best games is Homescapes. In which you will meet with different characters and make a big mansion. It is full of exciting things, and all are beneficial for playing. Millions of online players are connected with it, and they all are radical for currency because it is important for everyone. For levelling up, we can use some free tools for collecting currency.

Role of currencies

There are lots of boosters, and they are used to make your play fast. In the game, different kinds of currencies are used, but before going to grab, we have to know about all things. You can build the home with many kinds of things, and all is possible with currency. The storyline gives us three main currencies, and these are stars, boosters, coins.


Stars are one of the main currencies, and the player will see such currency at each level. The currency is used for unlocking many different stages, and you can level up easily by it.  The high amount of stars is always giving us the top position.


We can say it is not a currency type, but it is vital for every user.  The boosters give the perfect speed for matching levels. The players can use it anytime but wait for full it, and for it, we can also spend some amount of other currency.


We can get more coins by completing each stage, and it is the prime currency.  The players can get much amount of new things for decorating the home. Some new furniture is locked in Homescapes Cheats, but anyone can open it by investing coins.

The users have to use currency wisely and know the value of it. We do many efforts for earning it so think twice before spend it.